Empire Unmanned, LLC

EMPIRE UNMANNED provides aerial drone inspections, LiDAR data collection, mapping, security, surveillance and disaster response services for the Construction, Oil, Gas, Mining, Security and Agriculture industries.

Empire Unmanned offers end-to-end commercial drone services including aerial data collection, processing, analytics and portal reporting available 24/7. We provide aerial insights that empower you to make informed and precise decisions on your projects.

Our team has the ability to adapt to industry-specific problems, provide the latest Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology and deliver customized, actionable data solutions. Our comprehensive digital services offer faster acquisition of data and imagery, reduced costs and safer work environments for employees. Our aircraft, equipment, programs and pilots are FAA certified, registered and insured. Empire specializes in LiDAR technologies and has a full line of Post-Processed Deliverables available for our clients needs.

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Empire Unmanned, LLC

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