PLS-CADD (Power Line Systems - Computer Aided Design and Drafting) is an industry-leading software suite used for the design and analysis of transmission lines. PLS-CADD may present challenges, but Rock's PLS-CADD Deliverable streamlines the entire process, ensuring you receive the precise deliverables you require. Backed by our seasoned team, we craft solutions tailored to meet all your PLS-CADD requirements. 

Deliverable Contents:

  1. PLS-CADD Base:

    • Custom Classification bak file: The deliverable allows you to upload your own custom feature code numbers for the classification of data elements, allowing for easier categorization and analysis tailored to the project's needs. *If you don’t see your needed classification just ask a Rock Professional and we can see if we can add it onto the deliverable!

      • Ground
      • Vegetation
      • Buildings
      • Miscellaneous
      • Substations
      • Crossing Lines
      • Other Line (Adjacent Line)
      • Main Line Structure
      • Main Line Wires
      • Main Line Other Wires
    • Ortho Integration: Incorporation of orthographic imagery provides a real-world reference for the design, aiding in both visualization and verification of line paths and clearances.
    • Accuracy Report: Add ground control points to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the design's accuracy, ensuring that all modeled elements meet required standards.
  2. PLS-CADD Enhanced:
    • Method 1 Structure Model: Utilizing the Method 1 structure modeling approach, the design offers accurate structure locations for engineer design and planning.
    • Plan & Profile: Detailed drawings display both a top-down (plan) and side (profile) view of the transmission line, offering a comprehensive view of the design from every angle.
    • Planimetrics: Through in-depth planimetric analysis, distances, and relationships on the horizontal plane are accurately measured and documented, aiding in detailed mapping and design efforts.
      • Paved Road
      • Unpaved Road
      • Driveway
      • Parking Lot
      • Bridge
      • Railroad
      • Water
      • Fence/wall
      • Main Line Shield Wire
      • Main Line Conductor POA
      • Main Line Shield POA
      • Main Line Structure Top
      • Main Line Structure Bottom 
      • Main Line Centerline
  3. PLS-CADD Enhanced Plus:
    • Sag Report: An in-depth sag analysis ensures that conductors are optimally tensioned and maintain proper clearances between structures and under varying load and temperature conditions.

Customer Uploads:

All PLS-CADD Levels:

  • LiDAR file in Rock Cloud
  • *Optional* Orthomosaic (uploaded into rock cloud) (ECW format needed for pls-cadd)
  • Custom Classification (excel or fea. file, feature file)

PLS-CADD Enhanced Pro

  • Weather Report (excel spreadsheet; local time & date, Temperature, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation*)
  • Load Data During time of flight (excel spreadsheet)
  • Wire Type (Inputed in project description)

Output in Deliverable:

  • .bak file: For enhanced data security and recovery, a backup (.bak) file of the entire project is included. This ensures that design data can be restored in case of unexpected disruptions.
  • .CSV or XML Sag Report: The sag report is also provided in either a .CSV format for easy interpretation in spreadsheet software or an XML format for structured data integration.
  • .DXG/.DWG Planimetrics: Detailed planimetric designs are supplied in standard CAD formats (.DWG or potentially .DXF), ensuring compatibility with a range of drafting and design software.

This PLS-CADD deliverable offers a comprehensive package of design data, analysis reports, and visual drafts, ensuring all stakeholders have the insights and details needed for successful project execution.



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  • Feature Coded .BAK file
  • Ortho Integration
  • Accuracy Report based on GCPs

PLS-CADD Enhanced

  • Method 1 Structure Model
  • Plan & Profile
  • Planimetrics DXF/DWG file

PLS-CADD Enhanced Pro

  • CSV or XML Sag Report